Updated plans submitted

Following our public consultation in autumn 2020, we submitted a planning application to Merton Council for 89 new homes and new leisure space on land off Meadowview Road in West Barnes.

Since then, the plans have been reviewed by the council’s design officer and the Merton Design Review Panel. They made a number of suggestions to improve the layout, appearance and the amount of open space across the site. We have worked hard with the council’s planning department through a number of different design iterations to reach a scheme that we believe works well.

Because we are providing more homes than the original application, we are required to submit a full new application; this will now be considered by Merton Council. 

The new application provides 107 homes in a mix of sizes, with 41% affordable housing. By including some slightly taller buildings, we are able to increase the amount of open space as well the number of homes compared to the previous application.

We have changed the layout so that the new homes now back on to neighbouring houses, with the back gardens helping to maximise the separation distance.

We have also reduced the amount of road and hardstanding proposed, helping to keep the development open with plenty of green space. You can see a plan of the new layout below.

Updated plans

In summary, our latest plans include:
• High quality and well-designed housing in a sustainable location, making efficient use of an underused site that has been vacant for almost 20 years.
• New homes, including 41% much-needed affordable housing in line with council policies. 
• Major financial contributions towards existing sports facilities in Merton.
• An equipped children’s play area, outdoor gym and LEAP play space, available for everyone to use. 
• Two new tennis courts, available for public use through a ‘pay and play’ arrangement, as well as a 40 x 20m multi-use games area.
• Comprehensive landscaping across the site, including new wildflower planting and new trees which will bring significant ecological benefits.
• Extensive work will be carried out to provide improved flood water storage and ensure that the new homes are not built on higher flood risk areas.




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